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Cleaning Quick Tip: Keeping Your New Construction Home or Space Clean And Dust Free

New Home Construction Cleaning in Charleston

Picture this: your brand new home or renovated space in Charleston or the Lowcountry has been cleaned to pristine condition prior to your moving in, but as you settle into your new space you start noticing copious amounts of dust!

Everything has a fine dusty powder on it!

This is likely to be dust from the settling of your home’s drywall and it could be months before the settling is finished.

Here’s how to counter the dust.

Periodic Cleaning

Having a professional cleaning company in Charleston come every week for a 2-3 weeks immediately post construction will drastically help get rid of that dust. A cleaning service will clear out the dust over a few weeks with the use of a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and dusting with damp microfiber towels.

Thorough cleaning, top to bottom of your new home within the first few weeks can be the difference between weeks of dust versus months or even up to a year.

Have any questions about new construction cleanings or have any tips that have worked for you? Let us know by emailing me at chelsea@blisscleaningservice.com.

Joy Tilson
Joy Tilson
Bringing in the Lowcountry's very best cleaning professionals to service all of your cleaning needs, Chelsea knows and understands the unique cleaning challenges of the Charleston area. She'll stop at nothing to make sure you get the finest, most efficient cleaning services in Charleston.

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